welcome to Port said neonatology conference web site, this is the third conference for our group, after ayear full of scientific activities during year 2012 , we gave courses for primary health care doctors, NICU nurses, NICU doctors, syndicate nominated pediatricians, then we will have a series of pre & post conference activites: a pre conference workshop for NICU Nurses 1 week before the conference with rewards for highest scores, a similar pre conference workshop for NICU doctors 1 day before the conference with a free travel to Dubai workshop for the highest scored doctor plus other gifts, our conference in 18-20 October 2012 about ” Evidence based neonatology”, all these activites well run in Port said, Egypt, then a post conference workshop for NICU doctors in Dubai with CME hours accredited from the Dubai health authority “DHA” in December 2012, we hope to succeed in making neonatal work more usefull, for the sake of our babies Our mission : To improve the knowledge & experience of our doctors & nurses to give better care for our neonates. our Vission: Our goal is not just to teach, train & exchange knowledge with neonatologists, but also to motivate them by all means to gain more knowledge & experience to do their job perfectly