A Clinical Prediction Rule for Rebound Hyperbilirubinemia Following Inpatient Phototherapy

Chang et al, Pediatrics, February 2017


OBJECTIVES: The American Academy of Pediatrics provides little guidCute-Mother-And-Baby-Wallpapers-2ance on when to discontinue phototherapy in newborns treated for hyperbilirubinemia. We sought to develop a prediction rule to estimate the probability of rebound hyperbilirubinemia after inpatient phototherapy.

METHODS: Subjects for this retrospective cohort study were infants born in 2012 to 2014 at ≥35 weeks’ gestation at 16 Kaiser Permanente Northern California hospitals who received inpatient phototherapy before age 14 days. 

CONCLUSIONS: The risk of rebound hyperbilirubinemia can be quantified according to an infant’s gestational age, age at phototherapy initiation, and TSB relative to the treatment threshold at phototherapy termination.