The Impact of Maternal Gestational Hypertension and the Use of Anti-Hypertensives on Neonatal Myocardial Performance

Breatnach et al, Neonatology 2018


Background: Assessment of myocardial performance in neonates using advanced techniques such as deformation imaging and rotational mechanics has gained considerable interest. The applicability of these techniques for elucidating abnormal myocardial performance in various clinical scenarios is becoming established. We hypothesise that term infants born to mothers with gestational hypertension (GH) may experience impaired performance of the left and right ventricles during the early neonatal period. Objectives: We aimed to assess left and right ventricular (LV and RV) function using echocardiography in infants born to mothers with GH and compare them to a control group. Conclusion: Infants born to mothers with GH exhibited lower LV function than healthy controls, while RV function appeared to be preserved. This relationship warrants further exploration in a larger cohort.

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