Does Using a Nasal Barrier Dressing Prevent Nasal Injury in Premature Infants Receiving Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure?

Imbu­lana et al. The Jour­nal of Pedi­atrics 2018

In infants less than 30 weeks’ ges­ta­tion and/or with birth weight less than 1250 grams receiv­ing nasal con­tin­u­ous pos­i­tive air­way pres­sure (NCPAP), does the use of a bar­ri­er dress­ing com­pared with no bar­ri­er dress­ing decrease the inci­dence of nasal injury when used until the infant achieves both 30 weeks’ post­men­stru­al age and 1250 grams cur­rent weight ?

The authors con­clude that the use of a nasal bar­ri­er dress­ing is a cost-effec­tive way to reduce the inci­dence and sever­i­ty of nasal injury in pre­ma­ture infants receiv­ing NCPAP.

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