Sharing staff

- Dr Osama Hus­sein (El Nasr NICU Port said)  Con­fer­ence pres­i­dent 

- Dr Ahmed El Mel­hat (El Nasr NICU, Port said) Con­fer­ence sec­re­tary 

SHARING STAFF (Alpha­bet­i­cal)
     ¤ Prof Abdel Rah­man El Mashad (Tan­ta univ)
     ¤ Prof Alaa El Demer­dash (Dubai health Author­i­ty)
     ¤ Prof Atef El Mogy (Al Man­soura Univ)
     ¤ Prof Atef Nosir (Zagazig univ)
     ¤ Prof Hes­ham Abdel Hady (Al Man­soura univ)
     ¤ Dr   Hosam Zia­da (Al Azhar uni­ver­si­ty)
     ¤ Prof Kamal Shoukry (Cairo univ)
     ¤ Dr   Khalid Fathy (Al Man­soura univ)
     ¤ Prof M Ashraf Abdel Wahed (Ein Shams univ)
     ¤ Prof M El Kalio­by (Suez canal univ)
     ¤ Prof M El Maza­hy (Al Azhar   univ Domi­att)
     ¤ Prof M El Sawy (Ein Shams univ)       
     ¤ Prof M Khasha­ba (Al Man­soura Univ)     
     ¤ Prof M Nag­ib Abo El Fotouh (Zagazig Univ)
     ¤ Prof M Reda Basiony (Al Man­soura univ)
     ¤ Prof Mor­ta­da El Shabrawy (Cairo univ)
     ¤ Prof Mos­alam Nas­er (Al Azhar univ) 
     ¤ Prof Mostafa Hod­hod (Ain Shams univ) 
     ¤ Prof Nahed Fah­my (Cairo univ)
     ¤ Prof Talal Abdel Aziz (Mil­i­tary med­ical acad­e­my)
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