Post conference workshop in Dubai


Accred­it­ed by the Dubai Health Author­i­ty (DHA)

Decem­ber 2012: Work­shop will be cer­ti­fied as cred­it hours in co oper­a­tion with DUBAI HEALTH AUTHORITY (DHA) & pro­vid­ed by the Dubai’s Lat­i­fa (ex Al Wasl) hos­pi­tal NICU staff.

Atten­dance is pos­si­ble through spon­sor­ing com­pa­nies or paid through our orga­niz­er:

Ahmed El-Naidy

Spark Trav­el

Tel & Fax : (+202) 24052650

Mobile : (+2) 01221818760

Add. 8 Dr,Mohamed Hamam St. Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.


Web :


Atten­dance also will be pro­vid­ed as a reward for the top score win­ner in the pre con­fer­ence work­shop

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