Oct 19 – Oct 20 all-day


Prof Abla El Aalfy  (Executive director of our dream project )   

Prof Ahmed El Lawah (Alazhar univ)

Prof Alaa Sobeih (Cairo univ)

Prof Ahmed Amr Abbassy (Alexandria univ)

Prof Atef Donia (Alazhar univ)

Prof David Clark (USA)

Dr.Elsayed Khalaf (Port Fouad hosp, Port said)

Dr. Enas Elsherbiny (Damietta)

Dr Fekry Basiony (Ministry of health)

Prof Hany Abu El Wafa (Alazhar Univ, Damietta)

Prof Hany Ayash (USA)

Dr. Heba Omara (Petrolium hosp)

Prof Hesham Omar (Saudi German Hospitals)

Prof Hosam Ziada (Alazhar university)

Dr. Iman Ghabn (El Nasr hosp, Port said)

Prof Mariam AbuShady (Al Azhar univ)

Dr.Maysa Elsheikh (El Nasr hsop, Port said)

Prof Mohamed El- Gamasy (Tanta univ)

Prof Mohamed Elkalioby (Suez canal univ)

Prof  Mohamed El Mazahi (Alazhar univ, Damietta)

Prof Mohamed El Sawy (Ain Shams univ)

Prof Mohamed Ezz Elregal (Mansoura univ)

Prof Mohammed Ezzat (Benha Children Hospital)

Prof Mohamed Khashaba (Mansoura Univ)

Prof Mohamed zannoun (Alazhar univ, Damietta)

Dr Monika Kaushal (Zulekha Hospital, Dubai, UAE)

Prof Mosallam Naser (Alazhar univ)

Prof Mortada El Shabrawy (Cairo univ)

Prof Nader Habashi (USA)

Prof  Nesrin Handoka   (Port Said univ)

Prof Osama Arafa (Port fouad hospital)

Dr Penny Andrews (USA)

Dr Rabab Hashim (El Nasr hosp, Port Said)

Prof Safaa El Meneza (Alazhar univ)

Prof Sherif Elanwary (Cairo univ)

Prof Sheref Reda (Alazhar univ)

Prof. Sonia El Sharkawy (Suez Canal univ)

Prof Tarek Barakat (El Mansoura Univ)

Prof Wael Bahbah (Menoufiya univ)


 الاربعاء 18 اكتوبر: ورشة العمل الأولى: من 10صباحا” إلى 2 ظهرا”: English language Dr Monika Kaushal (UAE) – TPN myths ورشة العمل الثانية: من 2 إلى 4 بعد الظهر: English language Dr David Clark (USA) – Lung tour with surfactant  – Surprises in the delivery room  ورشة العمل الثالثة: من 4 إلى 8 مساء”: English language Dr Nader Habashy (USA) Penny Andrews (USA) – APRV (Airway pressure release ventilation)  الخميس 19 أكتوبر: الإفتتاح 11 صباحا” الجلسة الإفتتاحية: 11.30 – 12.20 ظهرا” English language Dr David Clark (USA) – Epigenetics– A Pediatric Perspective الجلسة الاولى: 12.20 – 2.20 بعد الظهر English language @ Chairpersons Prof Atef Donia(Al Azhar univ) Dr Ayman Rashwan (Alkahera Walnas TV) Dr Monika Kaushal (UAE) @ Speakers Dr.Nader Habashi (USA)  – Looking Beyond the Ventilator  Penny Andrews (USA) – APRV Conceptual and Clinical Application الجلسة الثانية: 2.20 – 4.20 بعد الظهر English language @ Chairpersons Prof Mohamed El Sawy (Ain Shams univ) Prof Osama Arafa (Port fouad) @ Speakers  Prof Ahmed Amr Abbassy (Alexandria univ) – Immunization of contacts of immunocompromised infants & children Prof David Clark (USA) – Necrotizing Enterocolitis Dr Monika Kaushal (UAE) – Advancement of feeding, what is right way? Prof Mohamed El Mazahi (Al Azhar univ) – Evaluation of neonatal thyroid screening programme الجلسة الثالثة: 6 – 8 مساء” @ Chairpersons Prof Wael Bahbah (Menoufia univ) Prof Mohamed zannoun (Al Azhar univ) @ Speakers Speakers Prof Atef Donia (Al Azhar univ) – Iatrogenic neonatal complications in NICU Prof Mohammed Ezzat (Benha Children Hospital) – Cardio-respiratory support at delivery; update and evidence Prof Mohamed Khashaba(Al Mansoura univ) – Neonatal sepsis controversial issues  Prof Prof Mohamed El Sawy (Ain Shams univ) – short stature clinical approach الجلسة الرابعة: 8 – 10 مساء” @ Chairpersons Prof Mosallam Naser (Al Azhar univ) Dr Ahmed El Kiki (El Kiki pediatric center) @ Speakers Prof Mortada El Shabrawy (Cairo univ ) – Pitfalls in Diagnosis of Neonatal Cholestasis  Prof Abla El Aalfy (Executive director of our dream project ) – Baby friendly NICU Prof Hesham Omar (Saudi German Hospitals) – A child with fever in ER, What should be done next? الجمعة 20 اكتوبر الجلسة الخامسة: 10-12 صباحا” @ Chairpersons Dr Basem El Gayar (Port said G hosp) Dr Hoda Ibrahim (Port said G hosp) Dr Hoda Fahim (El Nasr hosp) Dr Hatem Abo El Naga (Suez canal hosp) Dr M sadat (EL nasr hosp) @ Speakers Dr Fekry Basiony (Ministry of health) – Oral rehydration therapy for treatment of diarrhea & prevention of dehydration Dr Maysa Elsheikh (El Nasr hosp) – Lung ultrasound in neonate Prof Hany Abu El Wafa (Alazhar Univ) – Characterizing viral rash in children Dr Heba Omara (Petrolium hospital) – Tips on common dermatological diseases in neonates ورشة العمل الرابعة: 10صباحا”-2 ظهرا”:  Prof M Elkalioby (Suez canal univ) Prof Safaa AlMeneza (Azhar univ) Prof Mariam Abu Shady (Azhar univ) – Neonatal safety ورشة العمل الخامسة: 10صباحا”-2 ظهرا”:  Dr Rabab Hashim (El Nasr hosp) Dr Enas Elsherbiny (Damietta special hosp) -Essential breast feeding clinical support skills – Painful lactation – Vitamin deficiencies during lactation -Low milk flow – assessment of a breastfeed -Breastfeeding myths -feeding of preterm -complementary feeding – @Chairpersons –  Dr Basem Shams (Damietta G hosp) Dr Amro Adel (El Nasr hosp) Dr Samya Allam (Damietta G hosp) Dr Hesham Darweesh (Meet Ghamr hosp) Dr Safaa El hagrasy (Damietta Specialized Hospital) @ Speakers Prof Tarek Barakat (El Mansoura Univ)  – Guidelines of H Pylori management  Prof Mohamed Ezz Elregal (Mansoura univ)  – Irritable baby syndrome: colic? GERD? Cow milk protein allergy? Prof Sheref Reda (Alazhar univ)  – Premature labor and the developing brain Prof Hosam Ziada (Alazhar university)  – The Premature’s eye! Prof Osama Arafa (Port fouad hospital) – Immunization in special situations Dr. Iman Ghabn (El Nasr hosp) -interpretation of thyroid screening in neonates الجلسة السابعة: 8-10 مساء” @ Chairpersons Prof Mohamed Ezz Elregal (Mansoura univ)) Dr Maysa El Sheikh (El Nasr hosp) Dr. Hakim Kasaby (Obst & gyna hosp) Dr Fatma Abu dobara (Damietta G hosp) Dr Osman Al Shwehy (Damietta G hosp) @ Speakers Prof Sherif Elanwary (Cairo univ) – New guidelines of treatment of RDS Prof Nesrin Handoka (Port Said univ)  – Oxidative stress and neonatal diseases: potential antioxidant therapies Prof Ahmed El Lawah (Al azhar univ) – Blood filtration  Prof Mohamed El- Gamasy (Tanta univ) – Updates in fluid and dialytic therapy for neonatal acute kidney injury(AKI) Prof Alaa Sobeih (Cairo univ) – Pulse oximetry screening in neonates Prof. Elsayed Khalaf (Port Fouad hosp, Port said) – Case study ختام وتوزيع الشهادات 10.30 مساء”

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