Sharing staff in Port Said Seventh Neonatology Conference 2016

Sharing staff in Port Said seventh neonatology conference (Alphabetical)

 ¤ Prof Afaf Korraa  (Al Azhar univ)

afaf korraa

Prof of pediatrics & head of pediatric department, Diploma of Health Professions Education. International Lactation Consultant, School of Medicine, Al Azhar University, Egypt

¤ Prof Ahmed Amr Abbassy, Alexandria univ, Conference Honorary President


Professor of Pediatrics Founder & Former Chief, Infectious Diseases &Preventive Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine, University of Alexandria, Egypt Former WHO &UNICEF Consultant

¤ Prof Ahmed El Lawah (Al Azhar univ)

ahmed ellawah

Professor of clinical pathology, Al Azhar univ

¤ Prof Ahmed El Sawah (Al Azhar univ)


Professor of Pediatrics, Al Azhar univ

¤ Prof Alaa Sobieh (Cairo univ)

alaa sobeih

Pediatric cardiology consultant, pediatric department, Cairo university, Specialized pediatric hospital

¤ Prof Amal H.A. Gomaa (Suez canal univ)

Prof Amal Gomaa

Associate professor of Dermatology & venereology, Suez canal univ


¤ Prof Amina Abdel Wahab (Suez Canal univ)

 amina abdel wahab

Professor of pediatrics, Suez canal university

¤ Prof Ayman Rashwan (presenter at Alkahera Walnas TV) 

prof Ayman Rashwan3

Consultant in endocrinology, diabetes & dietitian & well recognized media star & producer of medical TV shows, currently at Al Kahera Walnas TV channel

¤ Prof Hany Abu El Wafa (Al Azhar Univ, Damietta)


Professor of dermatology, Faculty of medicine, Al Azhar university, Damietta

¤ Prof Leila Cheikh Ismail (Oxford univ)

Leila Cheikh Ismailossama

Dr Leila, PhD, Nutrition and Dietetics, Nutritional Biochemistry. University of Oxford, London,UK. Dr Leila holds a PhD in Nutrition and is a registered nutritionist with the UK Association for Nutrition.  She has more than 15 years of experience in international nutrition and she is leading the INTERGROWTH-21st Project at Oxford University since 2008. She has worked as a Nutrition Scientist at the IAEA in Vienna.  She also previously worked as a Nutrition Technical Officer at WHO and assisted the adoption of the WHO MGRS new growth standards.  Her interests also include the global strategy on infant and young child feeding.

Leila has conducted many training workshops focusing on the new WHO MGRS growth standards, nutrition and infant feeding. She is Associate Editor of the International Journal of Food, Nutrition and Public Health.  Her current research interests are human growth across populations, maternal and child health, nutrition throughout life, anthropometry, and obesity and dietary assessment.

¤ Prof Maged Ashraf (Ain Shams univ)

maged ashraf

Professor of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine , Ain Shams University

¤ Prof Maha Yousef (Al Azhar univ)

Prof Maha Yousef2

Prof of Pediatrics, Faculty of medicine, Al Azhar university

¤ Prof Mohamed El Kalioby (Suez Canal univ)


Professor of Pediatrics, Faculty of medicine,ENSTN Contact Person,  Suez canal university

¤ Prof Mohamed El Mazahi (Al Azhar Univ, Damietta)

m el mazahy

Professor of pediatrics & neonatology, Damietta Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University. He have been head of pediatric department, medical school, AL Azhar university, Damietta. He’s also the president of New Damietta pediatric scientific society & Head of Pediatric department Nursing College, Port said university

¤ Prof Mohamed El Sawy (Ain Shams univ)


Prof. in Pediatric Department, Head of the genetic unit & Director of ASMGCFaculty of Medicine- Ain Shams University

¤ Prof Mohamed Khashaba (Al Mansoura university)


Professor of pediatrics & neonatology, Faculty of medicine, Al Mansoura university, His annual neonatology conference is one of the earliest conferences in this field, he also shared to grow the neonatal unit at Al Mansoura university, shared to create several neonatal & pediatric societies & many conferences as well in the same field

¤ Prof Mosallam Naser (Al Azhar univ)


Professor of Pediatrics & Neonatology, and chief of pediatric department,  Al-Azhar University

-Consultant Pediatrician & Lead Physician, Saudi Aramco Community Health Center Project, Rabigh, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. ‑Facilitator Pediatrician, IMCI project (Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses), Ministry of Health & Population, teaching IMCI strategy and giving training courses for junior pediatricians.

-Professor of Pediatrics & Neonatology, Egyptian Fellowship Board, Al-Galaa Teaching Hospital, Ministry of Health & Population

-Consultant Neonatologist, Perinatal/Neonatal Committee, Health Mother/ Healthy Child project, Ministry of Health & Population, teaching Neonatology and giving training courses for Neonatologists.

-Professor of Pediatrics & Neonatology, Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST), 6th October City, Giza.

 ¤ Prof Nesrin Handoka (Port Said univ) 


 Associate professor of pediatrics, Head of pediatric department, Port said university


¤ Dr.Osama Arafa Abd El Hameed, (Port Fouad hosp)


P h. D. Pediatrics — Consultant of Pediatrics & Neonatology, Head Of Pediatrics Department Port-Fouad Hospital. He’s also a board member of Port said neonatology society

¤ Dr Osama Hussein    (El Nasr hospital, Port Said)


Conference president & head of Port Said Neonatology Society

¤ Prof Safaa El Meneza (Al Azhar univ)


Safaa ELMeneza, MDDTQMDGSHHDHPE, Professor of Pediatrics ‚Faculty of Medicine for Girls, ALAzhar University

¤ Prof Sonia El Sharkawy (Suez Canal univ) 


 Professor of Pediatrics, Head of pediatric department, Medical College, Suez Canal University

¤ Prof Tarik Barakat (Al Mansoura university)

 tarek brakat1

 MD, ass professor of pediatrics/gastroenterology & hepatology, faculty of medicince, Al Mansoura univ

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