Sharing staff & Abstracts


 PEDIATRIC STAFF (Alpha­bet­i­cal­ly) :

- Prof Atef Donia (Al Azhar univ)
- Prof Atef Noser (Zakazeek univ)
- Prof Hany Aly (George Wash­ing­ton Univ, USA )
- Prof Hes­ham Abdel Hady (Al Man­soura univ)
- Prof Hosam Sala­ma (Hamad Med­ical Corp, Qatar)
- Prof Mohamed Abdel­maaboud (Hamad Med­ical Corp, Qatar )
- Prof Mohamed Ashraf abdel wahed (Ein shams univ)
- Prof Mohamed el Maza­hy (Al Azhar univ)
- Prof Mohamed Khasha­ba (Al Man­soura Univ)
- Prof Mor­ta­da Al Shabrawy (Cairo univ)
- Prof Mos­al­lam Nas­er (Azhar univ)
- Prof Nay­era ismail (Ein Shams univ)
- Prof Safaa Al Menezaa (Azhar univ)
OBSTETRIC STAFF (Alpha­bet­i­cal­ly) :
- Prof Ahmed Al Sheikha (Cairo univ)
- Prof Alaa Al Abrashy (Cairo univ)
- Prof Mohamed Fares (Fares cen­ter, Obste­tri­cian)
- Prof Mohamed Mom­taz ( Cairo univ)
- Prof Rasha Kamel (Cairo univ)
- Prof Sherif Negm (Cairo univ)
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