Second Neonatology Conference

20th – 22nd OCTOBER 2011







Thursday 20th of October

From 3:00 Pm

To 5:00 Pm


From 5:00 Pm

To 5:45 Pm

Opening Ceremony :

  • Port said governor talk
  • Port said health authority director Dr Helmy El Afany talk
  • Dr Osama Hussein (El Nasr NICU Port said) Conference President Opening Presentation : A year of work in neonatal care in Port said
5:45 Pm Break For Pay

From 6:00 Pm

To 7:30 Pm

Season 1 :

  • Prof Alaa El Demerdash (Dubai health Authority) Preventing lung injuries in preterm infants
  • Prof M Khashaba (Al Mansoura Univ) Follow up of high risk neonate
  • Prof M El Sawy (Ein Shams univ) Genetic language for clinicians
7:30 Pm Discussion
7:45 Pm Photo Quiz

From 8:10 Pm

To 8:30 Pm


From 8:30 Pm

To 10:00 Pm

Season 2 :

  • Prof M Ashraf Abdel Wahed (Ein Shams univ) Steroid treatment of bronchopulmonary dysplasia
  • Prof M El Mazahy (Al Azhar univ Domiatt) Auditory screening for high risk infants
  • Dr Hosam Ziada (Al Azhar university) Updates in ROP management







Friday 21st of October

Poster presentation for free papers will be presented during the day

From 10:00 Am

To 11:30 Am

Season 3 :

  • Dr Khalid Fathy (Al Mansoura univ) Management of spasticity in children
  • Prof Kamal Shoukry (Cairo univ) Physiotherapy needs for neonates
  • Company symposium
11:40 Am Pray Time

From 5:00 Pm

To 7:00 Pm

Season 4 :

  • Prof Alaa El Demerdash (Dubai health Authority) Feeding in the first year of life what, when, how & how much ?
  • Prof Mortada El Shabrawy (Cairo univ) Neonatal cholestasis
  • Prof Mosalam Naser (Al Azhar univ) Prevention of Bilirubin-Induced Neurologic Dysfunction
  • Prof Ashraf Nabeel Eissa (Qatar) Family centered care in NICU

From 7:00 Pm

To 7:00 Pm


From 7:30 Pm

To 9:00 Pm

Session 5 "Innovations in Neonatal Practice"

  • Dr Ahmed El Melhat (El Nasr NICU, Port said) Case presentation
  • Dr Osama Hussein (El Nasr NICU, Port said) Nasal venatilation
  • Prof Hesham Abdel Hady (Al Mansoura univ) What’s new in Surfactant replacement therapy

From 9:00 Pm

To 10:00:pm

Open Discussion

  • Prof M Khashaba (Al Mansoura Univ)
  • Prof Sonia El Sharkawy (Suez canal univ)
  • Prof Atef El Mogy (Al Mansoura Univ)
  • Prof M Nagib Abo El Fotouh (Zagazig Univ)
  • Dr El Sayed Khalaf (Port fouad NICU Port said)
  • Dr Osama Hussein (El Nasr NICU Port said)
  • Dr Osama Arafa (Port fouad NICU Port said)
10:00 Pm Closing ceremony & recommendations

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