Sec­ond Neona­tol­ogy Con­fer­ence

20th — 22nd OCTOBER 2011







Thurs­day 20th of Octo­ber

From 3:00 Pm

To 5:00 Pm


From 5:00 Pm

To 5:45 Pm

Open­ing Cer­e­mo­ny :
  • Port said gov­er­nor talk
  • Port said health author­i­ty direc­tor Dr Helmy El Afany talk
  • Dr Osama Hus­sein (El Nasr NICU Port said) Con­fer­ence Pres­i­dent Open­ing Pre­sen­ta­tion : A year of work in neona­tal care in Port said
5:45 Pm Break For Pay

From 6:00 Pm

To 7:30 Pm

Sea­son 1 :
  • Prof Alaa El Demer­dash (Dubai health Author­i­ty) Pre­vent­ing lung injuries in preterm infants
  • Prof M Khasha­ba (Al Man­soura Univ) Fol­low up of high risk neonate
  • Prof M El Sawy (Ein Shams univ) Genet­ic lan­guage for clin­i­cians
7:30 Pm Dis­cus­sion
7:45 Pm Pho­to Quiz

From 8:10 Pm

To 8:30 Pm


From 8:30 Pm

To 10:00 Pm

Sea­son 2 :
  • Prof M Ashraf Abdel Wahed (Ein Shams univ) Steroid treat­ment of bron­chopul­monary dys­pla­sia
  • Prof M El Maza­hy (Al Azhar univ Domi­att) Audi­to­ry screen­ing for high risk infants
  • Dr Hosam Zia­da (Al Azhar uni­ver­si­ty) Updates in ROP man­age­ment







Fri­day 21st of Octo­ber

Poster pre­sen­ta­tion for free papers will be pre­sent­ed dur­ing the day

From 10:00 Am

To 11:30 Am

Sea­son 3 :
  • Dr Khalid Fathy (Al Man­soura univ) Man­age­ment of spas­tic­i­ty in chil­dren
  • Prof Kamal Shoukry (Cairo univ) Phys­io­ther­a­py needs for neonates
  • Com­pa­ny sym­po­sium
11:40 Am Pray Time

From 5:00 Pm

To 7:00 Pm

Sea­son 4 :
  • Prof Alaa El Demer­dash (Dubai health Author­i­ty) Feed­ing in the first year of life what, when, how & how much ?
  • Prof Mor­ta­da El Shabrawy (Cairo univ) Neona­tal cholesta­sis
  • Prof Mos­alam Nas­er (Al Azhar univ) Pre­ven­tion of Biliru­bin-Induced Neu­ro­log­ic Dys­func­tion
  • Prof Ashraf Nabeel Eis­sa (Qatar) Fam­i­ly cen­tered care in NICU

From 7:00 Pm

To 7:00 Pm


From 7:30 Pm

To 9:00 Pm

Ses­sion 5 “Inno­va­tions in Neona­tal Prac­tice”
  • Dr Ahmed El Mel­hat (El Nasr NICU, Port said) Case pre­sen­ta­tion
  • Dr Osama Hus­sein (El Nasr NICU, Port said) Nasal venati­la­tion
  • Prof Hes­ham Abdel Hady (Al Man­soura univ) What’s new in Sur­fac­tant replace­ment ther­a­py

From 9:00 Pm

To 10:00:pm

Open Dis­cus­sion
  • Prof M Khasha­ba (Al Man­soura Univ)
  • Prof Sonia El Sharkawy (Suez canal univ)
  • Prof Atef El Mogy (Al Man­soura Univ)
  • Prof M Nag­ib Abo El Fotouh (Zagazig Univ)
  • Dr El Sayed Kha­laf (Port fouad NICU Port said)
  • Dr Osama Hus­sein (El Nasr NICU Port said)
  • Dr Osama Arafa (Port fouad NICU Port said)
10:00 Pm Clos­ing cer­e­mo­ny & rec­om­men­da­tions

  • Next Conference Port-Said Neonatology 15/10/2019